meet the blogger.

On the Outside: 

- Name: Ali
- Eye Color: blue gray
- Hair Style/color: thick, tan, wavy
- Height: 5’7” :/
- Clothing style: casual
- Best physical feature: ah. i don’t know. i’ve been told my legs?

On The Inside: 
- Your fears: vomiting, snakes, losing loved ones/the future 
- Your guilty pleasure: blurred lines :/
- Ambitions for the future: go to college for photography and journalism


- Your first thoughts waking up: where am i going again?

- What you think about before bed: all the mistakes I’ve made today
- You think your best quality is: hm. my bravery, i guess.

What’s better?

- Single or group dates: I hate dates
- To be loved or respected: loved
- Dogs or cats: cats

Do you:

- Lie: yeahh

- Believe in yourself: yeah

- Believe in love: yep

- Want someone: not like a serious relationship but yeah kinda


- Been on stage: yep

- Done drugs: no

- Changed who you were to fit in: yes, unfortunately

- Favorite color: coral but in simple situations, red
- Favorite animal: jellyfish

- Favorite movie: either burlesque, napoleon dynamite, or water for elephants

- Favorite game: the sims or minecraft


- Day your next birthday will be: august 6

- How old will you be: 18

- Does age matter: yeah probs