meet the blogger.

On the Outside: 

- Name: Ali
- Eye Color: blue gray
- Hair Style/color: thick, tan, wavy
- Height: 5’7” :/
- Clothing style: casual
- Best physical feature: ah. i don’t know. i’ve been told my legs?

On The Inside: 
- Your fears: vomiting, snakes, losing loved ones/the future 
- Your guilty pleasure: blurred lines :/
- Ambitions for the future: go to college for photography and journalism


- Your first thoughts waking up: where am i going again?

- What you think about before bed: all the mistakes I’ve made today
- You think your best quality is: hm. my bravery, i guess.

What’s better?

- Single or group dates: I hate dates
- To be loved or respected: loved
- Dogs or cats: cats

Do you:

- Lie: yeahh

- Believe in yourself: yeah

- Believe in love: yep

- Want someone: not like a serious relationship but yeah kinda


- Been on stage: yep

- Done drugs: no

- Changed who you were to fit in: yes, unfortunately

- Favorite color: coral but in simple situations, red
- Favorite animal: jellyfish

- Favorite movie: either burlesque, napoleon dynamite, or water for elephants

- Favorite game: the sims or minecraft


- Day your next birthday will be: august 6

- How old will you be: 18

- Does age matter: yeah probs

winndycakes asked:
Wow really, anon? I wouldn't stress yourself out about them. Someone who makes snide, hurtful comments under the mask of anonymity aren't doing much better with their own lives. Especially if they feel the need to expend energy putting down people. I think you're just fine. Keep up the blog!

Thanks so much!